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GHN is the simplest and fastest claims-to-cash solution, anywhere.™ With our 360° revenue cycle management solution, GHN ensures the timely reimbursement of healthcare claims by integrating our intuitive transaction management environment with comprehensive data scrubbing, editing, status tracking, and reporting. GHN can get you paid faster through Internet-based, end-to-end HIPAA compliant connectivity.

GHN's proprietary 360° technology solution is based on a new enterprise-class architecture and approach to the business process of electronic healthcare administration. Our state-of-the-art solutions are not hindered by legacy platforms or technology, which have already proven to be problematic. GHN pulls together a unique combination of business process methodologies, Meta parsing software, data repository and data management algorithms to create a robust, rules-based architecture. This architecture enables GHN to accept data in virtually any format, monitor and reconcile data at any point in time, and produce standardized reports, custom reports and analyses at any level of detail. The GHN solution eliminates any barriers into communication between providers and payers and offers full accountability of every transaction processed through its system.
Enjoy the benefit of processing claims, eligibility, remittance, patient statements, EFT, coordination of benefits, executive dashboard reporting, and more through a single point of entry!

CLAIMS-Online™ is a workflow-oriented, HIPAA-compliant claims management system. The proprietary, rules-based enterprise-class architecture defines and aligns all billing data (e.g. patient demographics, diagnosis, treatments, charges, taxonomy and situation data elements) according to the terms and requirements specified by the healthcare provider, payer and CMS organizations.

REMITTANCE-Online™ is a fully automated and comprehensive enterprise-wide storage and payment reporting tool providing mission-critical reimbursement information such as payer payment patterns, payment denial statistics and pay variance analysis.

CODING VALIDATION is a critical coding reference that provides access to the industry's most up-to-date content from 3M to help you better manage your 'zero-defect' coding process prior to claim submission.

ELIGIBILITY-Online™ Avoid claim rejections by using our automated eligibility certification process that provides healthcare providers with real-time, HIPAA-compliant insurance eligibility verification to the largest EDI VANs in the U.S. as well as a continually growing list of health insurers.

ENTERPRISE-LEVEL REPORTS-Online™ are analytics and evaluation tools which provide detailed insight into patterns, trends and aggregated perspectives of various utilization angles to help you to enhance and refine operations to otherwise unattainable levels.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) & Cash Reconciliation Management simplifies the process of reconciling submitted claims with reimbursement records and outstanding notices allowing users to enjoy the ease and seamless efficiency of electronic processing with HIPAA mandates.

Statements & Paper Claims is a tangible processing service offered at a fraction of the cost of your in-house effort eliminating overhead needed to support statements, envelopes, stuffing, postage, printer supplies, including staff hours.

SUPPORT-Online™ maintains 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service to provide you with unique, hands-on attention by your designated GHN account manager. Submit your questions or requests at your convenience without busy signals and missed messages.

E-PAY SOLUTIONS - G360 ADVANTAGE™ provides a seamless interface for providers, payers, employers, patients and banks alike. With 24 hour access, interactive portals can be used to activate new accounts, check the status of claims or pay paper and electronic invoices by credit card, check, or EFT through our web-based e-commerce tools.

SMART SCRUBBER™ Unlike traditional clearinghouses, GHN's tiered approach, real-time Smart Scrubber™ backed by LMRP and CCI validation merges the requirements of provider, payer, and HIPAA-specific edits for instantaneous error detection. Improve first-pass and auto-adjudication rates benefiting from the extensive rules library. Initiate any necessary actions to correct errored claims online for immediate and timely submission.

LMRP/CCI Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) and Local Medicare Review Policy (LMRP) edits support the core of the GHN Smart Scrubber™ process using an intuitive layered design with multi-dimensional rules to systematically and comprehensively scrub each claim to achieve 100% first pass rates on even the most complex and detailed of claim submissions. Improve first-pass and auto-adjudication rates associated with comprehensive, accurate medical coding, compliance and billing information. Minimize fraudulent, erroneous, duplicate or incomplete claims.

E-LEARNING offers variable training solutions for new and seasoned GHN customers. This tool introduces a virtual classroom setting via the Internet with uninterrupted web-based training individually controlled by the trainee. Users may join the standard monthly classes offered or schedule consultative training for more personalized training.

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